Smart Power


Project: Smart-P;  Smart Power Manager
Year: 2017

Smart P is a software application of smart plug product. It can be connected with electric devices at home including lamp, laptop, heater and more, controlling them at once. This mobility app which has no physical limitation, switches the devices connected on/off and also provides schedule setting feature. Smart Power’s main target group is young generation who are familiar with smart mobile devices. It can also attract young and single users who need monitoring power usage, want to save money on electricity bill.


The app has 3 main features:



I’ve tried to make complex power usage data easy to read by using intuitive visual infographics. By utilizing real-time system which can allows access to data related electrical power consumption, users can review the data on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. They can also check estimated bills.


Each device can be controlled on a weekly basis. Applied to repeat, Power on/off, and alert setting.


Users can name each device, and create their personalized goals regarding electricity. (e.g: saving bills, shut down computer after 10pm) While doing this, users can use any pictures which users want, and can marking after complete milestones.

Interactive Prototype