T-Baseball 2013

T-Baseball 2013

Project: T-Baseball 2013
Type: Mobile Application / Android OS
Client: SK Planet
Year: 2013
My Role: UX Designer

Project Overview

T-baseball 2013 is a baseball live stream service app by SK Telecom, which is an one of the biggest telecommunication companies in South Korea. T-Baseball 2013 provides streaming service of Korean major league baseball on real-time.User can replay every moment of the game while watching baseball game on real time through ‘Time Machine’ function. 

Top navigation consists of ‘Today’, ‘Schedule’, ‘Video’, ‘Record’, ‘Settings’.  Main contents area shows summary of game schedule and scores on real-time.  And user can check current team rankings, offence record & ranking (batting average, hits, Home run, stolen base,double play,slugging average,on-base percentage) as well as ERA & ranking (strike-out, save, hold, error, lost point, ball net) of each team at one time.  Moreover, T-baseball provides records and ranking that has individual batter and pitcher.

Android Platform Guideline

Conducted platform guidelines for Android OS, each different screen size.
Hdpi(480*), Xhdpi (720*).

After Release

T-Baseball was the one of the successful mobile apps 2013 in Korea. Over 100 000+ downloaded app in Android app store.